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Continuity.IO Emergency Vehicle Control System
• 12 analog inputs (12-bit, 0–30 VDC)
• 16 digital inputs (4 configurable as PWM outputs)
• 12 high-current output drivers
• 1 audio SPD/IF input with dual outputs at 24-bit 192kHz
• Dedicated ignition signal monitoring
• Dedicated external status indicator
• Dual CAN 2.0B ports with CAN FD (OBD2/CANOpen)
• Single-pair industrial ethernet
• LoRaWAN® with LoRa® radio wireless communication
• multi-constellation GNSS/GPS
• Flexible scripting language
• Superseal automotive connector
• 12–24 VDC input power

Product Description
Continuity.IO is a flexible I/O controller designed to manage the lighting and audio systems in emergency vehicles. Continuity.IO’s wide array of I/O and communications ports make it perfect for custom vehicle applications, such as emergency vehicles, where lighting, audio, and other control parameters vary between organisation and use-case. The unit operates stand-alone or networked using simple single-pair industrial ethernet.

Use Continuity.IO’s built-in scripting language to configure local control, allowing complex behaviours to happen with a single button press. Scripting can be configured locally or remotely, and
remote monitoring of scripted actions is available via network communications.
The Internet of Things is supported out-of-the-box, with full support for major LoRaWAN servers (including AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN) for vehicle position and status monitoring. Continuity.IO can report on all actions taken, allowing remote operators to understand the status of the vehicle in near-realtime.

Industrial communications include single-pair ethernet, for easy-to-install and reliable communications with newer vehicles. Dual CAN ports can monitor multiple OBD2 networks, reporting on vehicle health and usage information.
Continuity.IO is implemented on an Industrial Automation platform with IoT communications, using proven technology to achieve reliable long-term monitoring and control.


  • Emergency Vehicles
    • Control custom animated lighting
    • Control and play-back audio (sirens/voice)
    • Track vehicle position and usage
    • Monitor on-board equipment remotely via IoT radio
  • Industry
    • Industrial automation (via break-out product)


Continuity Harness & Loom



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