Recent Projects

Product Design


Continuity.IO is a flexible I/O controller designed to manage the lighting and audio systems in emergency vehicles. Continuity.IO’s wide array of I/O and communications ports make it perfect for custom vehicle applications, such as emergency vehicles, where lighting, audio, and other control parameters vary between organisation and use-case. The unit operates stand-alone or networked using simple single-pair industrial ethernet.

Product Design

The MineLuX Mk 1

Mining and Autonomous vehicle customers are requiring multiple colour visual indicators to show the status of the vehicles. This indication must be clear and easy to see from virtually any angle and during full sunlight. The solution needs to meet the safety requirements but also requires robust construction. OzLED Group worked with SoundOff Signal to team up and build the perfect solution

Product Design

Police Lightbar Signage

A Police client has a requirement to have an illuminated Sign within their lightbars.

OzLED Group were able to design and fabricate a solution that is built into the Armada and nForce lightbars which meets the brief.