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500 series 2

The new all-in-one cost-effective siren and control solution.


SoundOff Central platform brings powerful easy to use features to vehicle builders, Programmable logic, real-time diagnostics, and fault finding.

Compact Control Panel

Our Base6 Compact Panel provides a configurable interface in a familiar format. The 500 Series also offers the ability to 2 control panels

Enhanced I/O Capability

20 outputs total (5A -20A) no need to add relays or buy additional modules to drive lights or other devices. 15 solid state with diagnostics and virtual fuses. NO/NC relay outputs

Load Shedding

Power control allows outputs to be shut down progressively to protect the vehicle battery.

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Anti Flash Back Solution

SoundOff Signal’s window-mounted shroud to suit the mPower perimeter light range.

The Fascia Shroud mounts mPower emergency warning lights tightly to the interior windows using genuine 3m tape. This low-profile, shroud allows for up to 7.5° adjustment to accommodate a variety of window angles. Choose from single or dual-size shrouds.

Creating Custom R&D solutions

The OzLED Group are comprised of knowledgeable and experienced people from a variety of industries.  We utilise our experience, CAD design, rapid prototyping and various manufacturing processes to develop cost-effective and time-sensitive solutions.

Over 25 Years

With over 25 years of experience in providing reliable product to the Australian market, OzLED Group is an industries proven supplier.