SoundOff Signal Lightbars

The OzLED Group, are the only choice when it comes to sourcing the highest quality, police sirens, emergency lightbars and more. The team behind OzLED Group will put the time and effort into matching the best solution to your particular needs. If you’re looking to get roof mounted LED warning light bars, contact us today via our form on the contact page or give us a call on 07 3205 4355 and one of our representitives will be happy to assist you with your questions.

Full Size Roof Mounted LED Light Bars for small and large vehicles.
Safety measures on the road are becoming more vital each and every year. As the road toll increases annually, so too does the need for precautions to be taken to ensure that you, your passengers, and fellow motorists are safe on Australia’s roads. Therefore, OzLED Group provides Australian fleet’s and Emergency Service’s with only the highest quality roof mounted LED light bars. With the backing of companies such as SoundOff Signal, OzLED Group is able to provide warning lightbars that will not fail roadside (As seen from Chinese brands being sold locally).

From amber roof mounted light bars and beacons for cars to LED light bar roof mounts for large and wide trucks. WHether you are a small buisness owner with a single vehicle through to fleet managers with thousands on vehicles, if you are looking to increase the safety standards of your vehicle or fleet contact us today.


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