200 Series Compact Emergency Siren Amplifier

200 Series Compact Emergency Siren Amplifier

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200 Series Compact Siren

  • Compact siren has a small size and remote amplifier for tight spaces for undercover vehicles or motorcycles
  • Class D Technology with high speed digital switching provides higher efficiency, less current draw and better reliability
  • Operates a single 100 watt speaker or dual 58 watt speakers
  • 5 popular warning tones (up to 3 tones can be activated) : wail, yelp, piercer, hi-lo, plus 4 additional air horn tones available
  • Horn Ring (hands free operation) controls the tones and can be programmed to play warning or air horn tones.
  • When driver presses the vehicle’s horn it will activate or de-activate the siren in programmed tone
  • Volume programming capability on Public Address (PA) and Radio Rebroadcast sets the volume at a desired level during installation so when the driver selects either option, volume is automatically set
  • Park/Kill feature disables the siren when the vehicle is place in Park
  • Built-in protection against over/under voltage, over temperature, short circuit and reverse polarity
  • Hermetically sealed, providing protection in wet areas
  • New! 200 Series Compact Siren with PA Function


SoundOff Signal

SoundOff Signal originated in 1992 as a manufacturer of high-quality safety solutions. OzLED Group has been the exclusive SoundOff Signal distributor in Australia for over a decade.

Company founder George Boerigter, who serves as Chairman of the Board, transformed a small startup company into an organization that now supplies high technology safety solutions across the globe.

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