SoundOff Signal Releases the 500 Series Siren

500 Series Siren

Built-in bluePRINT functionality, control two lightbars without an external BOB, enhanced I/O capability. Same small footprint.



Control Type: Your Choice between Handheld, Button, Base6 or Knob Controllers

Number of Sirens: Choose between a single 100watt or dual 100watt (200watt) siren output

Control Type: Choose between the separated amplifier and controller or the all in one system


Built-in bluePRINT Functionality

  • Load Shed
  • Matrix programming
  • Scalable architecture allows the addition of up to 40 discrete inputs, 24 OBD inputs and 50 outputs
  • Control of two lightbars without the need for an external breakout box, or control additional lightbars using external BOBs
  • USB programmability
  • With the newly released SoundOff Signal Central bluePRINT software app, the standard siren is fully expandable and customizable. Also allows real-time diagnostics and firmware updates

Enhanced I/O Capability

  • 20 outputs
  • 15 of the outputs are solid state, which can be flashed/dimmed and include diagnostic and self-protection features
  • Up to 75 amps total internal switching


  • 100-watt dual-tone and 200-watt versions
  • New mechanical siren tones
  • Radio rebroadcast input
  • Allows simultaneous use of two control panels with independent microphone inputs
  • Improved audio quality with high capacitance internal filtering
  • Available with Rotary, Push Button or Handheld Control Panels

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