Labcraft Flux Panel LED Light

Labcraft Flux Panel LED Light

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Labcraft Flux Panel LED Light

  • Choice of 3 lighting options up to 2250 lumens; over 350 lux @ 1 metre
  • Anti-glare light guide
  • 100% dimmable
  • Trauma & night light options
  • Slim, low profile surface mount design; only 11mm
  • CEN compliant units available

CHOICE OF 3 LIGHTING LEVELS 560, 1125 & 2250 lumens – High output Cree LED technology produces a clean white light and creates a safe environment for both working and leisure conditions.

ANTI-GLARE LIGHT GUIDE The acrylic LGP offers a unique patented anti-glare light guide which disperses the light evenly avoiding any hotspots, and provides a cleaner and sharper field of light.

TRAUMA & DIMMABLE OPTIONS A chain of blue or red LEDs at both ends provides ample illumination for trauma conditions. The Flux is 100% dimmable when used in conjunction with a pulse width modulator allowing full control over the level of light required.

SLIM, LOW PROFILE DESIGN The Flux is less than 11mm in depth providing an extremely slim surface mounted LED lighting solution thereby eliminating the requirement for cutting out recesses, thereby saving on installation time and cost.

CEN STANDARD AVAILABLE labcraft-icons-0616 .



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