Labcraft Vanlite LED lighting range

Labcraft Vanlite LED lighting range

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Labcraft’s Vanlite LED lighting range – the first direct OEM replacement light for vans.

The new Vanlite range is a high performance, direct OEM replacement workspace light for vans. It is compatible with all leading van types and up to 7 times brighter than the OEM-supplied equivalent.

For easy installation, the LED Vanlite plugs straight into the existing OEM aperture using an easy-fit plug/play connector which eliminates additional component costs such as cabling and switches.  Labour costs are therefore reduced as it takes less than 30 seconds to fit.  This makes the Vanlite perfect for new conversions and for retro-fitting into existing vans.

The Vanlite is manufactured using Cree high efficiency LEDs to maximise light output and is built by Labcraft in the UK with the latest high-tech heat management technology and hard-wearing components.  In addition to the benefits of improved safety, reduced installation costs and extended vehicle battery life, the Vanlite range is also supported by Labcraft’s market-leading 10-year warranty.

In summary, the new Vanlite range brings improved safety, reduced installation costs and improved vehicle battery life to van users in every sector.



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