SoundOff Signal Intersector LED Under Mirror Light

SoundOff Signal Intersector LED Under Mirror Light

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Intersector ENT2B3 Under Mirror LED Warning Light

Intersections are the most dangerous locations when responding with lights and sirens. You have many obstacles to tackle. You need LED lighting that covers every inch of view. That’s exactly what the SoundOff Intersector does!

The emergency vehicle must-have. Small but mighty and mounts under the vehicle’s side mirror, the Sound Off Signal’s Intersector LED Under Mirror Light is the first light of it’s kind to offer critical intersection warning and side warning.

The Intersector offers 180 degree output – The specially designed reflectors amplify and throws the light at the perfect angle to increase visibility at intersections and offer side warning illumination. Unique under mirror mount simplifies installation. The light can be surface mounted to any flat area on any type of vehicle – elevate your safety and visibility by mounting to the headache rack or body of the vehicle wherever additional lighting is needed. 

Simply attach the SoundOff Intersector underneath your side view mirrors with the included hardware



  • 9 Very powerful LED warning LED’s bring you to the most powerful warning light available.
  • Intense 180 degree output is maximized by the specially designed reflector that amplifies & throws the light at a perfect angle for intersection warning increasing officer safety & the safety of other motorists.
  • Modular Design elements allow you to customize the light to fit the angle of your vehicle’s mirror. 
  • Certified for SAE J845 Class 1 at a 100-degree angle .
  • 5 Year No Hassle Warranty.
  • Multivolt LED lights – 9-32V 
  • Includes over 30 Flash Patterns including cruise mode for steady burn
  • SYNC2 compatible lights – Synchronise with a wide range of SYNC2 SoundOff Signal Products


SoundOff Signal

SoundOff Signal originated in 1992 as a manufacturer of high-quality safety solutions. OzLED Group has been the exclusive SoundOff Signal distributor in Australia for over a decade.

Company founder George Boerigter, who serves as Chairman of the Board, transformed a small startup company into an organization that now supplies high technology safety solutions across the globe.

Need a Custom solution?

Speak with the OzLED Group’s R&D Team to collab on your next project. With over 25 years of experience, the R&D team will help find the best solution to your needs.